your computer vision models
with synthetic datasets

SightHUB is the world’s largest marketplace of high quality synthetic training data for computer vision. Find datasets for a wide variety of use cases and maximise the performance of your models.

Why join SightHUB?

Consistent data quality

We curate our datasets from the world’s best synthetic data experts applying strict quality standards across all datasets. Our customers also provide quality reviews on their datasets.

Labeling taken care of

Our procedurally generated datasets come fully labeled with different types of annotation and detailed metadata, so you can focus on the tasks that really matter.

Wide range of use cases

Our inventory contains millions of images and is growing quickly. If you miss your use case, post a project request or talk to our experts, who can help you source the data you need.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Evaluate each dataset with the help of a free sample. Once you have decided, you can set parameters such as quantity, annotation type and metadata content with a few clicks.

Experience the power of synthetic data with SightHUB.

Shorten your AI development cycle and achieve massive cost advantage.

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Why synthetic data?

  • Access to unlimited number of images for a certain use case
  • Rendering difficult objects & edge cases easily
  • Eliminating data privacy issues
  • Replacing the slow, tedious and expensive process of human based labeling

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